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NYT Best Seller Based
Analytics and A.I. Editing

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The Process:


We give you a report about your book

We take your manuscript and run it through A.I. and analytics to create a forty page report showing you the details of your book compared to Top 45 New York Times Best Selling Fiction books. The report shows a top view of your book so that we can take a strategic approach to edit specifically what your book needs.


We use A.I. automation to mark-up your novel

From the analytics report, we auto-create highlights of editing needs and change subtle formatting for your manuscript. This ensures the editing of the novel is consistent and focused on the right needs of the work.


We professionally edit your story

Using your highlighted manuscript, our in-house professional editors make the changes that best fit and improves your novel. Making it more readable, have less errors, and just better.

Metrics Report

40-page comparison report of your novel to the New York Times best-selling fiction includes:

Highest and Lowest Scoring Metrics

Most and Least Similar NYT Novels

Suggested Chapter, Page, Paragraph, Sentence, and Word Count

Genre, and Emotion Categorization

Readability Scores

Optimal Title Length, Dialogue Percentage, and Question Ratios

Vocabulary Size Ranking

Coordinating Conjunctions, and Punctuation Usage

Parts of Speech Ratios

And More!
Graded Book Metrics
Word Count Distribution
Punctuation Usage Percentage

Document Highlights and Markups

From comparing your novel with the New York Times top 45 novels, we are able to find what elements need added and taken away.

Editing Example
Paragraph and Sentence Length Recalibration

A.I. Derived Words To Eliminate

Coordinating Conjunctions Correction

Spacing Issues Elimination

Quotation, Parenthesis, And Bracket Mirroring

Spelling, Grammar, and Structure Fixes

Comma Use, Quotes Use, Capitalization Changes

Punctuation Overuse and Underuse

And More!

Metrics Report: If you want to know the overview of how well your book has been edited with what to improve and what is already stellar.

Metrics Report and Markups: If you want to know all the metrics and hidden details about your book compared to the New York Times top authors. Plus, if you want your manuscript pin-point highlighted in the exact areas for self-editing.

Full Package: Want to have your novel edited in a manner that mirrors the New York Times top 45 best-selling fiction novels. This package includes a before and after Analytics Report and Markup Document.

Metrics Report


Report and Markups


Full Package

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