Frequently Asked Questions

1How are uploaded documents saved?
Your manuscript is sent to a serverless computer where it is processed. Once the process is complete, it is automatically deleted from the server. We do not save manuscripts.
2Is there a word limit for the $129 or $249 option?
For both the 'Metrics Report' and 'Metrics Report and Markups', there is no word limit. These two services use A.I. and computer automation. The 'Full Package' has a word limit because it will be edited by a professional human editor.
3How does the A.I. work?
We take your manuscript and the A.I. compares your novel to the top best-sellers list. After the comparison, it creates algorithms for what in the novel needs to be expanded or eliminated. From there, it goes through the document and makes comments based on what should be considered to be edited.
4A.I. often have trouble defining the natural flow of a sentence (if it sounds right or not), how does A.I. work for your product?
In the way A.I. is to mimic human intelligence, our product goes a level higher than what a human editor could point out. Taking the aggregate of the top best selling novels, the A.I. can find if emotional themed words are too biased to certain emotions. Another example is if sentence and word choices fall into too short, too complex, or too long categories.
5Is the full package edited by a human or by A.I.?
The Full Package option is edited by a human using the A.I.'s suggestions. This is more categorized as Line Editing, but it's looking at a lot more than just grammar and spelling.
6Will it help me get a book deal?
Our goal is to make your novel better, we can not guarantee a publisher will sign your novel after the service. We do believe that our service will improve your manuscript in a ways that other editing services simply do not.
7How do you really improve as a writer?
There are many ways to improve as a writer, our Analytic Report is part of the journey. The Analytic Report let's you know the flow of your paragraphs and sentences, the value of your word choice, and the effectiveness of your punctuation. Being able to compare your writing style with the top writers, give you the ability and awareness to improve.
8It is just accepting the track changes on the word document, right?
Not at all, the service is creating suggestions based on analytics comparing your novel to the longest running top selling books. On average, the service (Markups) creates suggestions at a rate of one suggestion for every hundred words. From there a human touch is needed to validate, reword, or re-frame the suggested edits.
9How were the books chosen for comparison?
The books used for analytical comparison were chosen from the longest running best selling books from the best seller list. Though many authors made the list several times, we chose only one novel per author. In these cases we chose their longest running novel at the top of the list.
10What type of editing does your service do?
Our service is a crossbreed of Line Editing/Copy Editing and Proofreading, but it is much more. Instead of looking for just spelling, grammar, and sentence structure improvements, our service uses the deep analytics and machine learning to point out issues with the novel that are not obvious if editing line by line.

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